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perverser Damenschlüpfer-Wichser

ich bin ein extrem versauter exhibitionistischer, wichsender Nylon-Fetischist, die sich gerne in Damenschlüpfern, Korsett, Unterrock, Strapsen, Strumpfhosen und anderen Dessous öffentlich zur Schau stellt.

the one and only purpose of this links is to expose and humiliate dirty cocksucking faggot trannyslut. Spread the pics to public boards and gallerys. Laugh and invite other users to laugh about this pathetic peververted old tranny-faggots public degration and humilation

meine yahoo-group

meine Humiliation-Page

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It's not what I want to see when I start reading my friend's list!

Schreib in englisch, sonst versteht dich hier so gut wie keiner.
i am an extreme something exhibitionist, something nylon feitshist, something about like/wearing something women's lingerie(?), corsets, panties (?), strapons(?), stockings (?) and like's to lick stiletto shoes.


cognates are awesome.