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What's Your Kink?

Extreme Fetish
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fet·ish also fet·ich

1. An object that is believed to have magical or spiritual powers, especially such an object associated with animistic or shamanistic religious practices.

2. An object of unreasonably excessive attention or reverence: made a fetish of punctuality.

3. Something, such as a material object or a nonsexual part of the body, that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification.

4. An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation.



All types of people are welcome here at extreme_fetish, but there are a few simple, yet important prerequisites which must be followed to gain access to the community.

To join extreme_fetish you must:

* be 18+ years of age.

* have your proper age visible on your LJ User Info page.

* be open minded and respectful of others.

If you'd like to fill out our intro survey, please use the following basic form for your introduction post. It's not mandatory, so post your intro at your discretion. Simply copy & paste it directly to your journal and just enter your information. Do not use the "Rich Text" option.



This community is for those of us with a fetish- a fetish of any sort. Be it stiletto heels, pain, bubble-wrap, diapers, or anything and everything in between, you will most definately be comfortable here. As long as you're not having fantasies about doing things with your neighbors' 7 yr old daughter or anything *ahem* just as illegal, then you are most welcome. EXTREME FETISH contains materials which may be highly graphic and offensive to some readers. Please use discretion at all times while logged in to this community, as members are not urged to put everything they post under an lj-cut.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


  • All posts in this community are automatically set to "Friends Only"- so there will be no need to lock your posts, as it will already be done for you. This community is for members only to aid in keeping morons and dip-shits from lurking, trolling, and making inappropriate comments. In addition, having a members only community allows its' members to post to and address others which may have the same interests as they do, as well as allowing such users privacy to talk about such things amongst others without being ridiculed.

  • DO NOT post pictures, stories, or any other media involving children/child abuse, animal cruelty [bestiality/zoophilia], or solicitation. [As in conjunction with the TOS of LiveJournal.com] Please use an LJ-Cut when posting more than one photo. This is only requested of members to enable those using dial-up to view community pages and posts without slowing down or freezing their PC's, as well as not making a massive scrolling mess of users' friends pages. Don't worry about letting someone know if your post is work safe; as far as I'm concerned, nothing in this community is "work safe" except for food and balloons. If something offends you, or you get in shit for posting in or reading this community at work, then please don't complain about it. You shouldn't be viewing this community whilst at work in the first place.

  • Absolutely NO children. If you are not 18 or older, don't bother reading any further. I'd rather not be charged with contributing to a 15 yr old child's mental dysfunction due to anything he or she may be exposed to in this community.

  • Do not join this community if you are easily offended. Members are and will be encouraged to post fantasies, stories, ideas, pictures, video clips, and any other forms of media which fit under the main criteria of this particular community, keeping in mind the aforementioned rules. Remember, we are adults, and regardless of our own personal interests, we should act accordingly.

  • DO NOT PROMOTE other communities unless otherwise approved previously by myself or another moderator. Furthermore, promoting any community not somehow related to Fetish, BDSM, Kink, or [for my own personal interests] Body Modification will not be tolerated. Absolutely NO livejournal communities which contain "points systems" or "accepted/rejected stamps" as well as people cam-whoring and posting pictures of themselves to boost egos will be permitted. This community is for those who appreciate and prefer some anonymity and is geared towards the more adult and mature crowd. extreme_fetish is not a rating community, and it's going to stay that way. Promote your shitty popularity-driven communities in your own journal.

  • Please respect your fellow members!! I cannot stress how important this is. This community was created for those who have fetishes, desires, and interests which they are comfortable with and explore on a regular basis, as well as for those who do not, but may be in the process of discovering that they do, in fact, have a fetish or kink of their own. No name-calling, belittling, bad-mouthing, slander, defamation, or any other types of verbal abuse will be tolerated. There will be no exceptions. I would like members to be able to voice their opinions, experience, ideas, and questions without feeling ridiculed, so please mind new, shy, and inexperienced members. Disagreement is a given within any social circle, but please keep it respectful.

  • Please keep your fucking drama to yourselves. If you have an opinion, express it, but don't be an ass about it. If your e-feelings are hurt over a comment from another member, then I suggest you step away from the internet and/or turn off your computer. In addition to this rule, you must also be forewarned that your owner, totes_madchen [yours truly], as well as your moderators, can be, and predominantly are, assholes.

  • Last but certainly not least; failure to comply with the aforementioned rules and regulations will result in the removal [and possible ban] of any user or users abusing this community. In addition- I reserve the fucking right to boot your ass out for any reason I see fit.


Owner/Maintainer/Moderator: totes_madchen

Moderator/Maintainer: ravenhairedgurl

Moderator/Maintainer: chokehold_lust


For any questions or inquiries you may have regarding extreme_fetish, or if you are a member and have a problem within the community or with another member, please email a Moderator.

totes_madchen @ blut.kind@hotmail.com

ravenhairedgurl @ rabemadchen@yahoo.ca


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adult babies, age play, anal, asphyxiation, ball gags, balloons, bdsm, binding, bisexuality, bits, blood, blood play, body paint, body worship, bondage, boots, bras, breasts, bridles, broken bones, bruises, bukkake, bull whips, butt plugs, cages, chains, chastity belts, choking, clamps, closets, clowns, cock & ball torture, cock rings, collars, confinement, control, costumes, crossdressing, cuffs, cutting, cyber sex, degradation, diapers, dildos, domination, drag, dykes, electro stimulation, emetophilia, exhibitionism, fantasy, fear, feet, fire play, fishnets, fisting, food, foot binding, forced oral, foreskin, furries, gender play, golden showers, gore, group sex, guns, hair pulling, harnesses, heterosexuality, high heels, hips, homosexuality, humiliation, kissing, knives, latex, leather, lingerie, lipstick, maids, makeup, masks, master & slave, medical procedures, mouth gaurds, necrophilia, needles, nipple torture, nipples, oral sex, orgasm control, pain, panties, pantyhose, physical abuse, piercings, pigtails, plastic, play piercing, pony play, porn, psychological abuse, public humiliation, public places, public sex, pvc, rape, regression, regurgitation, role play, rope, rubber, scat, school girl uniforms, sensory depravation, servants, sex, slavery, slaves, smoking, sodomy, spanking, spitting, stilettos, stockings, strap-ons, submission, surgery, surgical instruments, tattoos, tears, threesomes, toes, uniforms, urine, vaginal torture, velvet, verbal abuse, vibrators, vinyl, violence, vomit, voyeurism, waist training, watersports, wax, webcams, worship, yiffing, zippers